Work with Google Reader and IWB Jan 14 – Live event planned for Sunday Jan 17 … or Tue 19th?



Mariam and I (Vance) were on hand for the Jan 14, 2010 workshop, #2 of the 4 planned.  I updated to show what we did there.

Mariam had already added feeds to her Google Reader but for the benefit of those who weren’t there I made a screencast to show how to find the feeds and ADD them to the reader, and then organize them so that you can read all your EVO feeds in one place. 

You can find the screencast embed in the post below ( ), or possibly here (I’m posting by email so I don’t know exactly what will be the result when I click Send; also I’ve converted the Jing URL to TinyURL, so no telling what will happen.  Oh well, here goes … ).

As can be seen in the screencast, I added the feed and information URLs to  If you’d like to add your own feeds to your feed reader, you can conveniently find all the available ones there.

I used Jing to make the screencast, which you can download to your computer from .  This is a free tool from the makers of Camtasia.  You can either store your creations in the cloud at (default host) or save the files it creates on your computer.  You choose one or the other at the outset, but there is a history so presumably you can have both.

As is mentioned at, I am thinking to explore some synchronous online tools on Sunday January 17.  Etherpad is an example of such a tool, but the three used most commonly in EVO sessions are TappedIn, Elluminate, and WiZiQ.  You can see a comparison of the latter two here:

I wonder if you could let me know if you will be at the session Sunday, Tuesday, or both days, as I hope to schedule a connection with peers online at a time when our workshop is well attended.

I set up a forum in the Ning for feedback on the course.  I know it’s a short and ambitious session, but I’d like to know what you think about it, thanks!



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