Class Finale January 19, 2010: Live Worldwide Webcast from 7 to 8:30 a.m. GMT

This is a class where everyone is learning, especially me.  I’ve learned how to use a Posterous blog as a tool for class conversation.  I’ve also found that several people around the world are following our posts when I email them from my computer at work, and so if anyone anywhere in the world will be online and available for a quarter hour or so tomorrow (morning in Abu Dhabi), perhaps you’ll read this in your mail and stop in to one of our synchronous presentation venues and say hi and a few words to the few participants who are attending (and enduring 😉 their fourth and final class of technological onslaught then.

Our original class portal is at and the goal of the class is to prepare participants for participation in EVO.  Since one key component of EVO courses is their synchronous spaces, we’re going to switch on a few computers in our computer lab and tune them in to the following frequencies:

1.       I’ll post on Twitter a reminder that we’re getting started, and invite folks in my PLN to join us

2.       We’ll go into and leave it up and running the whole time.  We’ll probably be in my office so JOIN vances when you arrive there.

3.       We’ll go to and hang out in the Elluminate room there.  Jennifer Verschoor is planning to get up at 5 a.m. in Argentina to show us this presentation:

4.       Marian Heddesheimer gave us a demonstration of WiZiQ (recording here:

5.       We can pop into and document how our event transpires there, collaboratively with anyone else who is there

I placed events notices at our Nings, the ones at and

I also posted to that we’re doing this:

Hopefully we’ll have one or two people join us from cyberspace besides the few who have managed to hang in to the course here at the Petroleum Institute to the bitter end.  Congratulations to those folks! (Jean Floyd and Miriam AlHanai, and guests Mara Barrow, Hedi Guefrachi, and Shari Corbin).

Continually learning, and having F.U.N. here in Abu Dhabi, Vance




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16 Responses to Class Finale January 19, 2010: Live Worldwide Webcast from 7 to 8:30 a.m. GMT

  1. Anonymous says:

    No email notification of this post, just landed through your reference in "Turning Push to Pull". No email notification of this post, just landed through your reference in "Turning Push to Pull". Now I’m ticking "Email me when new comments are added"Sth to bear in mind when responding to email is to delete previous content (see my last comment to "Turning" for an example of what not to do)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good point, where I notice prior content in my own postings I go in and remove it. However, as blog owner, all I can do with others’ comments is either remove them or let them stand. So yes, when replying, you have to be sure you send only what you want to appear. I wonder why Posterous doesn’t automatically remove this stuff? Also I notice when I reply, I can post simultaneously to Facebook (an option, I think I’ll try it here 🙂

  3. malhanai says:

    Hi, Vance.

    At 10am I have an AP Maths meeting in Zarkuh. I think I might be arriving to our class few minutes late.



  4. jfloyd says:

    I’ll be there for the Finale at 11:00.


  5. Vance Stevens says:

    Thanks those of you who completed the course. And especially a big thanks to Marian Heddesheimer from Germany and Jennifer Verschoor in Argentina who generously donated their time to offer us presentations on WiZiQ and collaborative media, respectively. They played to a small but appreciative audience in Abu Dhabi: Jean Floyd, Marian AlHinai, Hedi Guefrachi, Shari Corbin, and Mara Barrow. Thanks to all.

  6. malhanai says:

    Could I have the link to Jennifer presentation?


  7. jfloyd says:

    Thank you, Vance, for offering this course. You were very patient and responsive to all our questions. You helped reduce my anxiety in experimenting with these tools. I hope I’ll have time in the near future to go back over the recordings and follow the links you gave me for podcasting for ESL. Many thanks!

  8. Vance Stevens says:

    Thanks to Jean for the testimonial. It-s nice to have such feedback after going to all the effort, which I thoroughly enjoyed.In answer to Mariam???s question, the link to Jen’s presentation is given in our blog and wiki areas: got a recording of Marian???s presentation on WiZiQ. I’m listening to it now: also to Mariam, there???s a guy named Darren Kuropatwa in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada who teaches high school maths in which he utilizes a blog at The blog has won numerous awards, and DK is quite well known for it.

  9. malhanai says:

    Thanks a lot for such an informative course and thanks for the info on the website in Canada.



  10. malhanai says:

    Hi, Vance:

    The article in the link below contains the link to the website of primary pad, a tool similar to etherpad.

  11. Vance Stevens says:

    Thanks Mariam,

    Very interesting. I couldn’t help notice that looks a LOT like I wonder how Google fits into that one. This is such a nice tool I’d really like to have access to it for many of my projects.

    Now, more about Darren Kuropatwa. Listen to this CBC radio broadcast to hear Darren talk for an hour about his concept of teaching maths and how he makes it real for students and radio listeners:

  12. jfloyd says:

    Hi Vance and Mariam,

    I listened to the radio taping of Darren’s AP Calculus blog yesterday and was so intrigued, I included it as an example in my presentation today on Ways to Enhance the Learning Environment – it fit in so well with the motivational environment section. Some of the presentation attendees are now interested in experimenting with a class blog. Thanks Vance!

  13. malhanai says:

    Hi, Jean
    Can you send me the link of Darren’s AP Calculus?

    Thanks, Mariam

  14. Vance Stevens says:

    Thanks Jean. I noticed when I clicked on it that that blog was from a 2007-2008 class of Darren’s. I’ve added it to my links here:

    At that link you’ll find links to the illustrative class blog that Jean mentioned, plus to Darren’s most active blog “A Difference” and also to the Canadian radio broadcast on which Darren was featured for a full hour. In that one he brought along venerable friends such as Wesley Fryer, who also has a great way of (and much experience at) communicating with ordinary teachers hoping to learn more about educational technology.

    Wesley’s blog itself makes good reading but also has a podcast feed with Wesley updates frequently. If you’re interested in ideas for using all kinds of modern technologies in teaching any subject, Wes’s work is worth exploring, and if you’re thinking of trying out podcasts, his would be a good one to start out with.

    Also if you’re thinking to try out Twitter, you might follow You can also follow Darren though his Twitter feed tends to me more personal:

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is what this post looked like in the original posterous blog, origin “Facebook” – not a member of our group

    Check out a new way to educate online, learn from top notch educators, and hold live sessions. We just launched Udemy (, a place where anyone can teach and learn online. In less than 5 minutes, you can create your own online course on Udemy. You can upload presentations, videos, host live classroom sessions and write blog posts. It’s fast, easy and free. Here’s a 2-minute YouTube clip about Udemy:

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