Midway through EVOMLIT: State of the Session in Week 3

I need to send out the state of this EVO Multiliteracies session message I’ve been promising for some time.

I have been busy churning out content and I see that others are as well. It’s just a little difficult to find it. Some EVO sessions are surely focusing through a single channel and that would be one way to hold a conversation (but then it would be monoliteracies ;-). I’m at http://spezify.com/#/evomlit and I see here Yasemin’s tweet that she is lost within so many digital technologies.  I have to confess to that feeling myself at times. However, my reaction is to get to grips with it, even if it means facilitating sessions where I myself do not have complete knowledge of the subject matter at hand. So participating in sessions like this one, where at least we lift the veil on some of the literacies we need to grapple with ten years into this 21st century, moves us all in the direction of greater understanding of the way the many pieces loosely joined somehow work together.

Actually Yasemin’s tweet just “popped up” at Spezify but you can see all the tweets tagged evomlit here: http://twitter.com/#search?q=evomlit . Incidentally I did an experiment where I sent a message with an embedded #evomlit and the same message without the # but with evomlit only, and both were treated exactly the same in search results (so if you need a character, you can drop the # :-). I just noticed though that Hanaa disputes this finding in a recent tweet, and documents her findings in this great screencast: http://tinyurl.com/hanaa-hashtags .

I haven’t really done a thorough blog search yet (we need a good listing of blogs people are keeping for this course, would a co-moderator like to organize that?) though I have checked the blogs started at the Ning. It seems that folks are reflecting on the materials, having F.U.N., attending the webinars, and wandering around in the snowstorms, I’m sure the hikers will be returning to base soon with their reports, or sending in dispatches from out there on the mountain.

This is what we are moving towards in Week 3, some notion of e-portfolios, or where you can archive and base your digital journey through this EVO session or wherever that journey takes you. I have based mine at my blog http://adVancEducation.blogspot.com and perhaps others could send in their examples.

In this week we also work toward organizing ourselves regarding good blogs and twitterers to follow, and organizing lists. I just noticed that you can add someone to a list without following them. in other words, you can NOT have them in your main uncategorized list (where they add to the clutter there) but you can follow them in a more organized way by adding them to a list, such as: http://twitter.com/#/list/VanceS/multiliteracies . And as with the concept of tagging, you can have people in multiple lists, so there’s no need to fret over whether this person belongs here or there, they can be everywhere or anywhere, as you like.

Just a couple more points in this state of the session address, and that is in Week 1 there was some discussion in blog postings about Michael Wesch’s “Web 2.0 and Learning Environments”: When we did this session last year, THIS was one of the favorites, so be sure you view that. I’m sure you’ve seen The Machine is Using US, and if you enjoy these then read Wesch’s recent article on being Knowledge-ABLE: http://www.academiccommons.org/commons/essay/knowledgable-knowledge-able .

From Week 2 I’m suprised we didn’t get more commentary on the David Weinberger and Andrew Keen debate (actually there are two of them, at:

The first one is one of my favorite videos, be sure you watch it (if not both of them). And when you do, what do you think?

This is one thing I’ll be sure and ask Mark Pegrum about when we meet him at 13:00 GMT this Sunday in Elluminate http://tinyurl.com/y3eh (about his take on that debate). He and I practiced with Elluminate yesterday and he’s ready to roll. Be sure you prepare yourself by reading as much of his book as you can, even if it’s just the first chapter here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/multilit/files/EVOMlit2010/pegrum_blogs2bombs_m… and/or watching the video at our week 3 syllabus: http://goodbyegutenberg.pbworks.com/2010_Week3 . But whatever your preparation, you’re welcome to participate. It will be a discussion more than a presentation (the presentation is in that video, embedded below).

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