Earthbridges, Earthcast10, and Earth Day at PI, April 22, 2010

Last  April 22, 2009, I (Vance) had the opportunity to bridge a few online communities in conjunction with on-site celebrations being held at the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi as part of the global celebrations of Earth Day, recognized each year on that date.  I (and others from around the world) documented what we did here:

The event will be rejuvenated by some of those communities this year on Thursday, April 22, 2010.  Already Earthbridges, a channel in the Worldbridges education network (, is gearing up for its annual 24 hour webcast, called Earthcast10:

As it says on that website, Earthcast is a 24-hour ‘webcastathon’ that starts on April 22  at 0:00 GMT, which is from 4 a.m. in Abu Dhabi.  Educators and their students participate from all over the globe. Normally there is a wiki where those interested in taking part can put themselves down for some activity in the time slots available.  Participants might schedule in short presentations, or agree to host and organize an hour-long slot.  Events take place in voice activated sites on the Internet and are streamed worldwide by volunteers from who team up to keep the stream going round the clock in such a way that it can be accessed at one URL.

There is an Earthcast Facebook group here:, where it says, “Join in the third annual Earthcast on Thursday, April 22nd, 2010. Individuals from around the world of all ages and backgrounds will be taking turns moderating a portion of this 24 hour webcastathon.”  You can become a fan of this event here:

Meanwhile, back at the Petroleum Institute, I spoke with Dr. Nadia Al Hasani, director of the women’s campus there, who told me she was intending to stage some kind of celebration this coming April 22. She encouraged me to get a team together to try and organize an activity within the overall event for Arzanah campus, and I thought perhaps the readers of this blog might be interested.

The kind of event I had in mind would be along the lines of last year, where some of our students participated from computers in the library, where Vanessa Middleton was encouraging them to tune in. Perhaps we could get wider student involvement this year and apply some of the tools and concepts covered in the course on “21st Century Skills for Professional Development Online” which took place in January at

Subscribers to this blog might get an email of this post, and be aware that your reply to THAT email might show up as a comment in the blog.  You are of course welcome to comment in this way or respond on my personal mail.

You can also tag blog posts and online artifacts ‘earthcast10’. You might notice that aggregates #earthcast10 from twitter feeds, and if you’re on Twitter you can also follow Following developments in these overlapping communities will be instructive for discovering how social networking is used to promote global movements such as this one.

Hope you can join us for the event, Vance

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