EARTHCAST 2010 at the Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE


It’s Earth Day today! The event is being celebrated in a 24 hour webcast
from our good friends at, via the Earthbridges faction in that

Our contribution was this one:

Date: April 22, 2010
Time: 11:00 GMT to noon GMT (3 to 4 pm in Abu Dhabi)
Where online?: Adobe Connect:
Listen to the stream live:
(24 hours, all day, courtesy Matt Montagne, big thanks!)

We made an Adobe Connect recording:
There is a collection of bookmarked links pertaining to this event here:; e.g.
?? – Schedule of events at #Earthcast10: (Look for ours at 11:00
?? – More information here:

I’m not sure how this event will play out where I work. Last year, I sat
alone in a computer lab and held court to a lively online audience, with
participation at my institute only from a few students who tuned in
virtually from the library and the director of the campus where I teach, who
dropped by my lab with a photographer (and took the picture here 🙂

This year I’m hoping for more local participation. There have been changes
in the past year not only in awareness of the fragility of our planet but
also in our inter-connectivity via social media.

What have we LEARNED from all of this?
Now writing the day following the event, I’m made a more cogent reflection of what this even means to learning where I work and in general here:
Have F.U.N. and Think SMALL!


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