Alerting your group to web links of interest to them

The EdTech SIG in TESOL Arabia is gearing up to help teachers in the UAE to make better use of 21st century tools.  I recommended they read two papers I have published / posted recently where I’ve outlined a strategy for change agency, teacher professional development, and what is needed for moving curriculum into the 21st century — at the links below.

The TA EdTechSIG is a part of that strategy.

my recent book chapter (equally relevant) here:

To which someone responded:

“What’s the best way to collate such links and share them with members etc? Googlepages? Or something more collaboarative like a wiki where people could comment and also where others could add links?”

So I wrote:

You are asking exactly the right questions.  The best way to collate such links and share them with members is … da!da!  (the winner is … ) Delicious, or Diigo.

Those two URLs you asked to be collated and shared, I tagged them both in my own delicious account with taedtech and also edtechuae (just to be on the safe side).

Now you can see them using the delicious url / tag / taedtech (or edtechuae). That is, slash ‘tag’ slash the label or tag you wish to search for; ie.


Now in order to avoid duplication we really need to agree on which tag we will use!

The beauty is that this system needs no maintenance.  No one needs to visit a site in particular or add links.

To use it, each of us needs to open a delicious account (this is like Google, once you start using it, it becomes a part of your life and workflow).

When you see a site you want the rest of us to view, you simply click the tag bookmarklet in your browser and add taedtech and (until we agree on just one) / or edtechuae as one of the tags to that site.  You may give it dozens of other tags to help you find it when you want it, but the taedtech is specifically to share it with the rest of us.

I mentioned a tag bookmarklet.  You need to install this on your browser on every browser you use.  You can work without it but the bookmarklet saves a lot of clicks. 

Second, Delicious is opt-in which means it will NOT share your bookmarks unless you specifically give permission (which is the whole point of delicious, so do it J). For this you need to visit your acct / settings / Bookmarks / RSS Feeds Rights License  and pull down the permission to Public Domain and Save it.

The RSS thing means that at a page such as you can put the RSS feed into your Google Reader or iGoogle page, so it will tell you when any of us have added feeds, but that’s another lesson.

Diigo has even  better features.  For example we could set up a taedtech group there and it would email you when any of us had recommended a site.

Enough for today, as I mentioned in one of my papers, you go in baby steps J

I think I’ll post follow on questions and answers in this blog, ^V^


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One Response to Alerting your group to web links of interest to them

  1. Anonymous says:

    Delicious and Diigo are like Twitter and Plurk. Plurk has some affordances that appeal to a lot of people, but Twitter has the traction and the wider network. You could say the same for Diigo and Delicious, respectively.I haven’t done this myself but I’m aware that you can use Diigo if you like it and synch it with delicious so that when you update Diigo it updates delicious. I’m not sure if it works the other way around but it might.I think whichever one you favor you should keep an iron in the fire with Delicious due to that all-important network factor.Diigo lets you annotate web pages and let others view them with your annotations. It allows you to make slide presentations of web pages (a good digital storytelling tool), and you can form groups (like one called TAEDTECH for example) and it send email to participants in that network when links are updated.Delicious lets you SEND your bookmarks to a user’s attention. So if someone wanted to form a TAEDTECH acct at delicious (and that someone actually monitored the acct) then that someone would know when another user had tagged something with particular attn to that group. But we can accomplish the same thing by tagging sites TAEDTECH and then each of us visiting, or get the RSS feed at the bottom of that page and follow it in your feed reader.I’ve posted my ramblings to this list at my posterous blog (and tagged it TAEDTECH of course)

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