Learning2gether with Earth Day


I have just celebrated Earth Day with the usual suspects in a convergence of small pieces loosely joined, and I blogged about our part of the program here:

Where I teach, I had each of my students make a Prezi presentation starting with a motto (the topic of the current unit in our textbook Viewpoints) and then develop that into a message or slogan for the environment.  Their Prezis are linked from this page:

I told the students that they would be a part of an annual movement of students worldwide based around Earthbridges <http://earthbridges.net> who get hundreds of their students together each year to commemorate the event and stream much of it live. 

This year April 22 was on a Sunday, which was a problem for schools in much of the world, but here in UAE we teach on Sunday, so we added our contribution to that movement under April 22, “the Real Earth Day”, here:

The Earth Day event coincided this year with Learning2gether, the online professional development effort I coordinate and engage in on Sunday of every week. Thus, I invited my Earthbridges colleagues (whom I’ve met only online) to join us and talk about their history of Earth Days on Earthbridges. We made a live recording of our contribution and archived what we did here:

I created a Prezi to show how the whole thing came together:

As Learning2gether gains traction, I am invited to give presentations on the topic; e.g. at the last TESOL Arabia conference and again in Philadelphia at the International TESOL Convention, both in March of this year. The TESOL Arabia presentation was simulcast in Second Life, as you can see from one of the screenshots here: 

I wrote an article on Learning2gether for the International TESOL Presentation and put it here, along with the more recent slide show of the presentation itself

The core concept of Learning2gether is collaborative learning, and Earth Day is a golden opportunity to bring this kind of learning home to our students.

April 22 next year will fall on a Monday and I invite you to be thinking from now about how we might engage our students in learning from one another globally. In order to effectively work in this manner with students, teachers need to gain some personal familiarity and experience with social, collaborative learning, or with any new tool or medium before they can become comfortable with using it with students, so any steps we can take in that regard are worthwhile.

That’s what Learning2gether does.  You can become involved at the following links.  See what’s happening next Sunday and what we’ve done already:

You can claim a Sunday spot if you wish, share your expertise, and help us all learn together.



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