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Work with Google Reader and IWB Jan 14 – Live event planned for Sunday Jan 17 … or Tue 19th?

Mariam and I (Vance) were on hand for the Jan 14, 2010 workshop, #2 of the 4 planned. I updated http://tinyurl.com/21centuryskills4pdo to show what we did there. Mariam had already added feeds to her Google Reader but for the benefit of those who … Continue reading

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Turning PUSH to PULL: Ways to filter through the masses of email generated by EVO

EVO sessions are marvelous events but they generate a lot of mail and it’s simply impossible to read it all. This is a growing problem with email in general, and part of the multiliteracies course at http://goodbyegutenberg.pbworks.com is to sugge… Continue reading

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